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Mineclipse Beta | Released!

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Mineclipse Beta (V0.1)

Hey! Welcome to the first formal announcement of Mineclipse. Today I am writing this post with a lot of pride and happiness although it may be slightly delayed!

This announcement is just a short one on the beta release of Mineclipse. We are currently operating a closed beta. However, it is closed to ensure we do not overstress our systems and management team with issues and suggestions. We also do not want to affect a broader community of players with any changes we may be forced to make, not only is the beta for us, but it is for our community as well.

We are currently making fantastic progress on the beta, better than we had ever imagined it to be, and it is presently going regarded as a huge success. For this, the management team is so grateful, and we will continue to work around the clock on all suggestions and issues reported.

Although the support has been unprecedented so far, we still have some open spots for new people to join in the fun of the pre-released server.

Not only does this grant you access to the beta of Mineclipse Eclipse, but it will give you access to Mineclipse Earth & Mars when the beta for them releases. As it is stated, the beta is closed, but this can be changed at any time, and this can switch to an 'Open Beta'.

Week 1 - Beta Medal on the forums
Week 2 - Exclusive Beta kit (Redeemable once and only in week two)
Week 3 - Beta Perk Pack - Redeemable Reward
Week 4 - TBD (Check back soon!)

You can join the beta here.

We hope to see you soon! Stay safe,

Mineclipse Management​
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Not open for further replies.