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Server Feature: Tokens


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Hey there,

Welcome to another feature post, this post is going to outline what Tokens are, how you can obtain them, some of their core commands and how to make them beneficial.

I am sure by now most people in the Minecraft community understand what tokens are in Minecraft. Ultimately they are another form of currency you can use and you normally use them to buy rare in-game items and other cool cosmetics/perks. And that is exactly what they are on Mineclipse! They are another form of currency that is accessible to all users on the server. In this thread, we hope the information helps you and you find it beneficial, nonetheless let's get into the nitty-gritty of them.

There are three main ways users can obtain tokens these are -
This is the best way of obtaining tokens, although you have to grind for it a little more than the other methods, this is by far the most efficient. When you progress through the ranks by using "/rankup" you unlock the ability to purchase a new spawner depending on the requirements. To meet your requirements you need to unlock them by farming a certain amount of mob heads. However, as you progress your spawners get better and with that the chance of that mob dropping a token increases. For example, Chickens (First Rank) only has a 10% chance of 1 Token being dropped on death, but the Iron Golem Spawner Rank has a 10% chance of 10 Tokens being dropped on death. You can find all the information on the token drop chance in /mobdrops.

(Spawner rank Mob Drops GUI)
Tokens are automatically applied to your token balance.
This is by far the easiest way of getting tokens as you can redeem it 4x every 24 hours if you vote on all links! Although it may not give you as much as the Mob Grinding method does, it is defiantly the quickest and easiest. You can redeem these rewards by typing "/vote" in chat and it should bring up a book that looks something like this;
This is pot luck, as our crates are jam-packed with rewards it is all down to luck with this method. In every crate, there are tokens to be won, depending on the rarity of the crate the minimum and maximum potential rewards increase. For example, in the daily rewards, the minimum you can get (if you land on tokens) is 10 & the maximum is 150. Whereas in star, the minimum is 20,000 & the maximum is 60,000. Pretty big difference if you ask me. If you won 60,000 tokens that equates to 6x Minions!

The main commands you need to know are as followed -
"/tshop" » This will open the token shop main menu and display a list of items.​
"/tokens" » This command will display the number of tokens you have.​
"/tokens withdraw [amount]" » This will allow you to turn virtual tokens into a physical in-game item.​
"/tokens top" » This will display the users with the most tokens on the server.​
Tokens are popular on the server, to say the least, this is because players can unlock awesome features such as Minions & Perks when they have obtained a certain amount of tokens required, therefore it makes them a currency/item that is in hugely in demand throughout the whole server, therefore if you have the time and resources you can use them to trade as they are normally a very valuable item as people do not always want to spend time grinding for them. So if you want some quick cash buy a cheap mob spawner and grind them for tokens, sell them off and you should be flying!