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Important Looking for Team Forum: Explanation

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Hey there, welcome to the looking for Island team members forum.

Here is some information about this forum. As you will be able to tell there are two subforums to this category and they are both "Recruitment" and "Applications". These two subforums were created for your benefit, simply to refine your search effortlessly. Below is a short brief description on each of those forums.

| In this forum you will be able to find a variety of different Island Owners willing to take applications in for a placement they want to fulfil on their island. This is a great method for island owners to find new teammates and branch out to a wider larger audience on the website. There are rules which need to be followed, but they are stated in the threads main post.

| This is where you can put yourself up on the website to attract more eyes to yourself as a team player and a potential team member to the recruiters. We recommend all recruiters go to this section as well so you can see if you fancy headhunting any of them to join your team. Applicants have no restrictions on the amount of information they put in their application, that is all down to yourselves.

We wish you all the best in finding your fellow islanders!
Not open for further replies.