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Important Announcement - Mineclipse (1.0)

Hello there!

The time is coming where we are preparing for our first v1.0 release, and is going to be a fairly hectic few weeks coming up ahead of us! Myself and Callum finally after months of working (mainly Callum) have managed to produce a server we believe players can enjoy, not get bored of and most importantly have fun. I would like to give a huge warm welcome to any players who will be joining us on this adventure as we plan to take Minecraft Multiplayer to a different universe.

We have a HUGE list of features, most of which are in fact unique to our server, here is a small little list with just a handful of them.
★ Minions - We know this is not even unique on a Skyblock server anymore! They are everywhere! But, not everyone has Mineclipes unique Minions plugin as it was custom made for our server by Callum, therefore, we have a huge list of awesome features that come with this plugin. For example, the custom minion skills menu where you can upgrade your own minion!
★ Rewards - Not only do we have daily rewards that get better with our cumulative system for those who come back, but we have many different types of rewards such as, Item, Money, Coins, Tokens, Perks & Rank rewards.

Even though we are not done with the present, we are still always focused on the future so we can make getting to that next step easier if we can so we can deliver weekly updates to everyone so there is always a fresh feeling to the server that can hopefully make your playing experience even better!

★ The addition of Tokens-To-Fly (Little feature we have in mind, more information very soon on this!)
★ The addition of more rewards from voting especially timed rewards.
★ Envoys when a certain amount of players are online
★ Adding daily personal and island missions

I would like to say thank you for all of the support we have been receiving in the discord lately, we have been working around the clock to bring you the best possible service.

We do currently have open placements for staff positions, however, applications will not open until three days after the initial release of the server as we would like to monitor everyone to ensure we make the right decisions to the staff team.